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As a trusted partner, we help our clients evaluate their projects and businesses.  We leverage our in-depth studies, conducted by dedicated professionals with significant experience across various industries, to deliver our solutions.


Our clients will be confident in pursuing their projects knowing that we have conducted thorough analysis encompassing market research, financial projections, marketing plans, and a comprehensive project feasibility study. 


We are passionate about enhancing our clients' possibility to success in executing their businesses and projects.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

Empowering Your Business Journey - From Concept to Reality

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to turn your business ideas into successful ventures.

Business Plan
Starting at $250 per project

Our Business Plan Package will include but not limited to:

  • Company Overview (Business Description, Product Description, Market and Services)
  • Marketing Analysis (Industry Overview, Marketing Strategy, Target Marketing, SWOT/PESTLE Analysis)
  • Competitors Analysis (Direct Competitor, Potential Competitor, Competitive Advantage)
  • Strategies & Implication (STP, Market Segmentation, Positioning, Brand Strategy, Sales Strategy, Advertisement strategy)
  • Financial Plan (Assumptions, P&L, Balance Sheet, Loan Amortization schedule, Use-of-funds Table, Cash Flow Projections with loan repayment ) 
Financial Modelling
Starting at $120 per project

Financial Modelling Package depend on the requirement of the client but generally will include three statement model in excel or project NPV/IRR (Leveraged and Unleveraged) and other economic indicators to analyze your business financial profitability. We would be able to build customized economic/financial model based on client's requirement from scratch.


Feasibility Study
Starting at $325 per project

Generally the format of the feasibility study would be as follows:

  • Company Description
  • Market Analysis - TAM/SAM/ SOM, future market trend, Industry Analysis
  • Products & Services - Detailed product / services, SWOT, competitive analysis
  • Logistics / Operational Plan - Location analysis, manufacturing process, raw materials, HSE aspect
  • Financial Projection & Analysis - Cash flow model, Indicator such as Lever & Unlever NPV, IRR, Payback Period, Net Cash Flow, Sensitivity Analysis, key charts

Feel free to discuss your requirement and customized services.

Independent Research Report

Unbiased Market Insights - Fuel Your Business Growth

We provide in-house research regarding market trend, industry analysis and macro economic view which are un-bias and could be utilized to improve our client general understanding of future business potential

Alternative Investment

Delivering Alpha - Above Average Return

We are providing potential buyout target prospect in emerging SE Asia countries and alternative investment opportunity in growing private companies.  Our main target is private oil and gas producer. Please feel free to discuss your investment objective.

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